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  Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC metro area

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RC Duct Cleaning has equipment and training to do the best possible job of air duct cleaning and decontaminating your entire air duct system. This series of steps will ensure that your air system is thoroughly and properly cleaned. Not all steps may apply as every air system is unique.


  • The air system will be tested for proper operation.

  • The air handler unit will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  • All of the vent registers will be removed and thoroughly cleaned.

  • The entire air duct system will be cleaned and deodorized.

  • The vent registers are re-installed and the system is tested for proper operation.


Dryer Vent Cleaning


When is the last time you checked your dryer vent and ductwork for lint buildup? Over 15,000 dryer fires occur each year; most of which are due to lint buildup in the vent and ductwork. Our company can thoroughly clean your dryer vent and ductwork, which reduces the risk of your dryer catching on fire.


Call RC Duct Cleaning (301) 839-0264 today to find out how cost effective it can be to safeguard your family. It’s probably cheaper than you think!




Why is it important to have my air systems cleaned?



  • Clean HVAC systems perform more efficiently to decrease energy costs.

  • Well-maintained mechanical components last longer, reducing costly HVAC system repairs.

  • Building tenants with employees affected by indoor air pollution may see a reduction in employee downtime/sick days. This results in increased productivity!

  • Tenant retention is higher in buildings with good indoor air quality.

  • Tenants perceive value in a building with proper air system maintenance.


Indoor Air Quality


Is your building suffering from sick building syndrome? Click the image below to review areas of your building that can potentially cause indoor air pollution.


How Much Will It Cost?


Every building and air system is unique so call us at (301) 839-0264 for a FREE estimate.




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